Lygia dos Ramos en Nando Lobato de Mesquita

The dos Ramos website has brought us into renewed contact with the descendants of Lygia and Nando Lobato de Mesquita. My mother, Edith Sjaarda -dos Ramos, wrote in her Short Family History:

Approximately around 1942, there was another commotion in the family. My father was guardian over his youngest sister Lygia who had plans to get married to Nando Lobato de Mesquita who was a jew. She needed permission of my father to get married since she was not yet thirty years old. Above this age, you don't need permission anymore from your parents or guardian. My father refused to give his permission because Nando was a jew. She then sought permission from the officer of justice which she got so she got married to Nando Lobato de Mesquita. I think they got about five children. We never had contact with this family until after in both families around the same time one of the children died. I met this aunt Lygia several times in the house of her sister who was my aunt Marie. In my remembrance she was a very nice and kind lady just like tante Marie. Nando Lobato de Mesquita was a good pianoplayer. He used to play in the hotels and could also be heard weekly on the radio. I know that I loved to hear him play but sometimes my father would turn off the radio when he was on the air.

We are very happy that in 2004 we have refound each other with the help of internet. Harlow Lobato de Mesquita, son of Lygia and Nando, found the dos Ramos website and e-mailed us the following information:

Lygia and Nando had five children: Dolores, Ricardo, Howard, Harlow and Elvira. Ricardo died at the age of 16.

Harlow also e-mailed some pictures.


Lygia in 1972, aged 53 Nando Lobato de Mesquita


Lygia as a young girl Harlow Lobato de Mesquita, 1980 Harlow in 2001



Lucille Karin Lobato de Mesquita (2005),

daughter of Howard Johan Lobato de Mesquita,

granddaughter of Nando Lobato de Mesquita